What defines a Boutique Hostel?

What do we promise? How are we different?

The Boutique Hostel Charter

  • Location within city limits and close to major tourist attractions
  • Great Value for Money -prices not significantly higher than other hostels and lower than prices of traditional hotels
  • Emphasis on service provided by a multilingual staff
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Free Internet and WIFI acces
  • Fewer than 150 occupants
  • Guaranteed best price for same accommodation and dates

In the event that any of these hostels does not adhere to this charter they will be removed from the list. We at Boutique Hostels promise to fully investigate any claims of non-adherance.

How to recognise a Boutique Hostel

The following badges can be found on all sites of hostels adhering to the charter:

Or you can check out our listing.